Rossi : "Kita masih bertahan"

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Berikut petikan wawancara Pelatih lazio Delio Rossi di Press Conference untuk Menjelang Partai Lazio vs Torino. yang pastinya dalam versi english

Miser, that tomorrow will be a lot to win with the weapons of Lazio.
In my opinion yes, even if tomorrow will be a lot different from that of Florence: it must be wrong just to have patience and focus on results.

Turin is expected?
I expect a Turin that will not be playing face, taking into consideration the Lazio.

How has the team after the mockery of Florence?
In my opinion we are on squdra right, even if the results are against us. We must continue in this way, even if the good performance after only 2 days remain good performance and do not bring points.

It will take fans patients.
According to me you have those games where we must be close to the team until the 95th.

How is Rocchi?
Rocchi is fine and will be in the lot.

With the absence of forward Zarate you back a bit all'antico?
No, not to its return, are players with quality. For Pandev, as all other national, we have to make the sign of the cross. See you tomorrow.

In place of Ledesma Matuzalem why not?
Dabo will play at center in place of Ledesma and alongside Matuzelem. I think Dabo is designed to replace Ledesma, plus we made a choice to do so to play with more continuity in this position.

The imperative is to result.
Would make very important, but I seem to be with the water to the throat. I have always said that we need to see the ranking in March. You will do the accounts.

But it is a delicate moment.
Honestly I never knew no delicate moments, in one way or another. Train since I never changed the way I behave, I approached every game to win it. Of course there is also to take account of negative results.

In this week have been analyzed the errors committed in the door?
At the start of the season perhaps creavamo less, but we could achieve more, have moments, but I am worried if we do not create opportunities. The team is alive.

Mister is a risk that this is also the last season, where there were no more goals?
In my opinion the objectives we have: we are in the Italian Cup semifinal, ranking in the league is not beautiful, but is open to all situations, those in line with our league.

He has seen the provision of Carrizo in National?
I heard talk about it. We made a choice, like last year with Muslera and choices must be defended and not changed according to time. Given the young age of the children the situation should be assessed in perspective. If one has the qualities, sooner or later will be out and we are assured of choice, so much so that we had third goalkeeper (Berni, ndr) that if we had had doubts could play. Speech on the goalkeepers, unlike the players are clear: do not change according to situations, but must have a cycle. Now that I have chosen Muslera played and will continue this way, but Carrizo returns, but this is not very safe.

He has never lost 4 games in a row?
I happened to win 10 in a row and lose even more than four.

But this situation has undermined the morale of the team, although not all benefits have gone wrong?
It seems to me reductive, I think that in Florence we had a great game. With Cagliari, in my opinion, it's been a lot of him, where we were wrong the first time, then in the other games I have not seen a team scared, the heel or in decline. Certainly the lack of results takes away self-esteem, but also as it appears. I am convinced that we are on the right track.

It expects that the Torino draw with Inter?
In this catagorie are difficult, paradoxically, the match with Cagliari was more difficult than the game played in ten with Fiorentina.

What about the issue of arbitration error Torino?
I saw a lot of people in sport after winning when losing is not. I have seen colleagues who said that the referee was excellent, and then penarla so different when he mistakes against them. I if the Race Director arbitra evil I say, if the same arbitra well. I am one of the few who thought that the league was set with Mogggi. I have an idea about the matter, the arbitrator is a key component, but I do not think we are backward. At least I hope.

After Florence was the most bitter defeat for the consolation or for prva provided?
More bitterness for not having grasped the result, because I put in the heads of my players, after which one's better not have brought nothing home. But there is also the opposite, which has made us understand that we can play with everyone.

E 'un momento negative Zarate and Pandev in the door?
I think it is a contingent moment, because I do not think that we have failed so striking, apart from one end to half height, the other was very good goalkeeper. I have not seen Steve mistakes, maybe a bit of imprecision and haste, but not sensational.

Characteristics for the Torino can put in trouble the Lazio.
There is this danger. We have also seen with other teams. There are teams that try to not let you play and then you hit the shed. The Torino is a team that certainly did not think of being in this class situauzione, now playing for provincial as it should.

Nine points in the first round four, zero in the back?
I hope we can recover lost by winning matches in the round outward.

Olympic expect that?
I think our fans are people who have seen all the colors, so they know when a team gives up. We will stay close, because they also know that their is a particular moment, and in moments you can see the fans.

Tomorrow the best performance or the outcome?
I do not have a team that can guarantee the result with minimal effort. Will never win a game playing worse than adversaries, we are destined to play better.

Returned as the national?
Now see, because I saw someone yesterday, while others even riavrò them today. I have two more workouts where I see who is more tired and who is less tired. If I make the 18 counts are in pink.

What percentage is the condition of Matuzalem?
Much below its real potential. E 'went well in Florence, but was still significant room for improvement.

Source: La Lazio Siamo Noi